Haxby in Yorkshire in Bloom


Following the success and local appreciation of this year's flower planting along the length of The Village, the Town Council has decided to support Haxby's entry into the Yorkshire in Bloom Competition for 2011.

The response to the Bulb Appeal made in the May issue of the Haxby Town Crier was superb and exceeded all expectations, the Town Council thank all those who donated. Throughout this year the Town Council has run a trial with planting along The Village to assess whether a creditable entry for Yorkshire in Bloom 2011 was achievable. The spring and summer planting this year was managed by a single volunteer, who is also a Town Councillor.

Haxby is categorised as a small town but unlike a lot of the lager small towns in Yorkshire, Haxby does not have a large budget, or parks department to do the work.  Instead Haxby’s entry will rely on volunteers, sponsorship from local businesses, support of community groups and the goodwill of its residents.

The entry is not all about flowers.  It is also about the appearance of Haxby, from the village green to the cemetery, from playgrounds to the allotments and more.  The Town Council has formed a committee to coordinate funding and other aspects of Haxby's Yorkshire in Bloom (HYiB) entry.  The general theme for the planting and the initial budget has been set, but now we need volunteers from our community to help bring the ideas into being. To help with funding the Town Council is hoping to place HYiB collection boxes around the shops in Haxby during October.

Any commitment would be welcome and need not be time consuming; planning, fund raising, planting, watering etc.  If you are interested in being involved with the HYiB entry please visit the Town Council Office, between 9.30 and midday Monday to Friday or telephone 01904 750378.