Calendar of Meetings & Events

The Council meets on the second Monday of every month. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected annually to preside over Council Meetings. The Council's more detailed work is divided between two Committees, Planning and Amenities.

The Planning Committee meets on the first Monday of every month, and the Amenities Committee on the third Monday. All Council Meetings commence at 7.30 p.m. in the Council Office, and all are open to the public. In April of each year, there is an Annual Town Meeting, which all residents are invited to attend, to hear the Council's Annual Report, and to question or comment on the Council's activities.

Blue boxes indicate that there is a meeting or event on that day. Click on the box to find out more.

To apply for an event to be included in the Online Calendar, please contact the Council and remember to include all the details about your event.
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