Minutes & Agendas

All Meeting Minutes, Agendas and Reports from Committees are now posted online. You can view the documents using this website. All documents on this site are available as Adobe PDF Documents. Please click on your required document below. These can be printed for reference, but cannot be altered, and are published in accordance with Crown Copyright regulations.
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Name  Size  Type
Annual Town Meetings (6.6MB) Annual Town Meetings 6.6MB Folder
Annual Reports from 2006 onwards (775.8KB) Annual Reports from 2006 onwards 775.8KB Folder
Yorkshire in Bloom Committee (331.5KB) Yorkshire in Bloom Committee 331.5KB Folder
Joint Burial Committee (8.3MB) Joint Burial Committee 8.3MB Folder
Finance Committee (4.4MB) Finance Committee 4.4MB Folder
H & W Neighbourhood Plan (483KB) H & W Neighbourhood Plan 483KB Folder
Full Council (35.3MB) Full Council 35.3MB Folder
Amenities (22.1MB) Amenities 22.1MB Folder
Ethel Ward Playing Field Committee (3.6MB) Ethel Ward Playing Field Committee 3.6MB Folder
Planning (27MB) Planning 27MB Folder
Haxby United Charities (4.2MB) Haxby United Charities 4.2MB Folder
Cemetery Committee (5.2MB) Cemetery Committee 5.2MB Folder
Carnival Committee (13.4MB) Carnival Committee 13.4MB Folder