Activities and Responsibilities

These activities, along with the administration of the Council's business, are paid for by a precept levied on each household alongside the Council Tax paid to City of York.

For the 2010-2011 financial year, the total precept is 89,000, which equates to 27.17 for a household occupying a property in Council Tax Band D.

The Town Council provides 43 allotments at a site in Station Road. All the allotments are currently rented out to Haxby residents and there is a long waiting list.

Please contact the Clerk to the Council if you wish to be added to the list.

Each year, the Council awards a cash prize to the tenant with the best allotment.

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Each year Haxby Town Council awards grants to local clubs and organisations and for community facilities in and around Haxby.

In order to be considered for a grant Clubs and Organisations are to complete an application form, which can be obtained from the Council Office or downloaded here, and submit it to the Council Office together with the following additional information:

> State how Haxby residents would benefit.

> Include a summary of accounts for the current financial year.

As funds for this purpose are limited all bids are considered on merit. To help the council budget for the forthcoming financial year requests are to be submitted annually to the Council Office by 30th November. It should be noted that not all bids are successful. Bids submitted after the annual precept has been set cannot be considered.

Further information on how to apply for a grant can be obtained by contacting to the Council Office for application guidelines.

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Haxby and Wigginton Cemetery
The cemetery is in Moor Lane, and is available for the burial of residents of Haxby and Wigginton. It is administered by the Cemetery Committee, comprising four councillors each from Haxby Town Council and Wigginton Parish Council. The Cemetery Committee organises grass cutting, ground maintenance, rubbish clearance etc., and contributes to development costs as they arise. Charges from 1 April 2016 are as follows

Purchase of a single grave space: 380.00

Interment: 240.00

Purchase of cremated remains space: 260.00

Interment of cremated remains: 120.00

Purchase of space for a child under 12: 120.00

Interment of child under 12: 120.00

Headstone: 120.00

Additional inscription on existing headstone: 60.00

Double interment fees apply for reserved graves for non-residents of Haxby and Wigginton at time of death. Please apply to the Council Office for further information, to reserve spaces, or to see the Rules relating to the cemetery.

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Highways and Footpaths

All roads and the majority of footpaths in and around Haxby are maintained by City of York Council.  Please report any problems directly to the Highways Department on the York Pride Action Line Telephone Number: 551551.

The Town Council owns and maintains 8 bus shelters, 16 plant tubs and troughs, and 9 notice boards. We also maintain a number of areas and footpaths whose ownership is unclear, by arranging for grass to be cut and overgrown trees and bushes to be cut back as necessary


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The Council employs a part-time street cleaner to supplement City of York Council street cleaning. Steve Gray works weekday mornings covering set routes around the village collecting litter and broken glass.

We provide a number of litter bins which are emptied by City of York Council.

If you see any areas which need clearing of litter, please advise the Council Office.

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Open Spaces

Ethel Ward Playing Field is held in trust by Haxby Town Council, and is administered by the Playing Field Committee which consists of 2 Town Councillors and representatives of each user club.

There are 2 football pitches, 2 netball courts, a multigames wall and a children's play area. The sports pavilion incorporates changing facilities, and also houses a nursery school. The Council employs a groundsman, Geoff Aitken, who maintains the pitches, play area, and pavilion on a day to day basis.

The Village Green runs down the two sides of the main village street with a triangular grassed area at the western end. All hard standing areas used for car parking down both sides of the main village street that are behind the line of the hitching rails are part of the Village Green.

At Christmas every year, the Council illuminates a fir tree which stands on the Village Green.

The Wyre Pond forms part of the Village Green.

The Council also owns the open spaces at Ashwood Glade, Mancroft and Old Dykelands, and leases the open space behind Netherwindings. The grass on all these open spaces is cut regularly in the summer under the Council's grass cutting contract.

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Haxby Town Council strives to maintain the character of Haxby. The council pays particular attention to planning applications in the conservation area, and for any new developments that may affect the street scene throughout Haxby.

Planning applications are decided by City of York Council. Haxby Town Council is a statutory consultee and comments on all planning applications in Haxby. The council generally does not object to sympathetic infill development of vacant plots of land, but is opposed to backland development. Side or rear extensions do not generally affect the street scene, and the council rarely objects to these. Extensions can however have a significant impact on neighbouring properties, although City of York Council planning officers should ensure that guidelines relating to proximity are adhered to.

Residents wishing to comment on a planning application should write to, or email, City of York Council, with a copy to Haxby Town Council. Comments will be considered at the next meeting of the Town Council Planning Committee. These meetings are usually held on the first Monday of the month, and residents are encouraged to attend and to address the committee.

Most planning applications are decided by City of York Council planning officers, though exceptionally an application can be ‘called in’ by a City of York Council Ward Councillor for the decision to be made by the Area Planning Sub Committee. The Ward Councillors for Haxby and Wigginton are Cllr Tony Richardson, Cllr Ian Cuthbertson and Cllr John Gates.

Plans can be examined online at: . Internet access is available at Haxby Library for residents without a computer.Paper copies of plans are available for inspection at the City of York Council West Offices.

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Street Lighting
All street lights in Haxby are maintained by City of York Council. Please report any faults directly to the City of York Council on 551551 or 0800 9151522.

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Town Clock
The historic Town Clock is situated on the front of the Memorial Hall, and is owned and maintained by the Town Council.

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