A lot of people already use these paths, but if you don't, why not give them a try? Amazing as it may seem, walking these paths, if you are lucky, you can see quite a variety of wildlife ranging from deer, foxes and kingfishers to owls, yellowhammers, skylarks and lapwings and a whole range of more common birds.

All these walks now have signposts at their start points, but just to help you find them, below is a brief description of each walk, and you can also download the leaflet and map using the download links:

1. Lowfield Drive to Crossmoor Lane

From the Memorial Hall walk towards York Road and at the roundabout continue on Station Road to Usher Lane. Walk up Usher Lane and turn left into Oaken Grove and in a few minutes turn right up Lowfield Drive. At the top of Lowfield Drive turn right to follow the path. It immediately turns left to follow a lovely avenue of trees which is part of Crooklands Lane. Cross the wooden bridge and turn left to follow the drainage ditch and at the end of the field keep right following the ditch and hedge line to emerge on Crossmoor Lane to the left of Haxby Grange farm. NB this path does sometimes become overgrown in summer and there are a number of old rabbit holes along the section by the drainage ditch, so take care. (Time about 50 mins there and back)


2. Landing Lane

From the Memorial Hall walk on to Station Road past the library and over the level crossing and about 300 yards further on your right is Landing Lane. You can follow this all the way to the ringroad and, taking care when crossing, if you continue beyond it makes a pleasant walk to Huntington Church. To make a circular walk you can come back to Haxby along the river bank and this avoids crossing the ringroad again. (Time for circular walk � about 1hr 10mins)


3. Landing Lane to Lock House and Beyond

Make your way to Landing Lane as described above and after about 150 yards turn left at the end of the old railway trucks, following the signpost. You soon pass Lock House and cross the River Foss. From here you can continue the walk down the far bank of the River Foss to cross back over the river at the next footbridge and return to Landing Lane. Alternatively, if you wish to have a longer walk continue along the River to Huntington Church, walk through the churchyard and then turn right to rejoin Landing Lane NB this involves crossing the ringroad. (Time for shorter circuit about 40mins)


4. Calf Close to Landing Lane

From the Memorial Hall walk down York Road and turn left into Calf Close. Continue past the Ethel Ward Playing Field and the road soon turns sharp left. At this point take the extension of Calf Close which goes off to the right. About 50 yards further on your left is Willow Tree House and immediately beyond that is the start of the path. The sign is hidden behind a bush until you get right to it. Turn left behind Willow House and the path leads you round to a stile over the railway line. Cross carefully and follow the path across the fields to Landing Lane. Turn left to head back to Towthorpe Road and the centre of Haxby or right to make a longer walk eg to Huntington Church as described above. (Time for shorter circuit via Towthorpe Rd. 30 mins)


5. York Road to Westfield Wood

Although this path now runs entirely through a built-up area of Haxby, it does lead to the community wood recently planted in Wigginton by the Woodland Trust and the local community, and to undeveloped farmland beyond. Starting adjacent to 168 York Road, the path follows the old access road to Eastfield Farm, the former farmhouse which is now Ivy Lodge. Following a series of sharp bends the original trackline is regained, and after crossing several streets the path crosses Westfield Beck to meet the path which runs north and south and the network of paths through Westfield Wood.